About My Rants

First off, a bit of background: I worked for a very very large bank, one of the top five in the country actually. Banking is a very difficult world to deal with when you do what I do. I worked in a customer service center, where I fielded calls from customers with various questions regarding their accounts with the bank. Questions could range from what our current interest rates are, to explaining how someone overdrew their account, to OMG I’M MISSING MONIES WHERE DID IT GO!?!!!?

Needless to say, it’s a high stress job. You really need to have a thick skin when dealing with people while still providing excellent service that makes them thankful they talked to you, or you just have to have the type of personality where you probably like sticking sharp objects into yourself 100+ times a day because you enjoy the pain.

As you read my blog, hopefully you’ll identify with these things if you call your bank, and think, “Crap, I do that, maybe I should stop.” If you don’t relate with it, then good for you, you’re not one of the mouth-breathers I had to deal with on a daily basis.

I also know that as I type this, I’m getting the much needed therapy I need since I can’t just go out and stab people in the face, steal their wallets, and cut up their debit cards with the very same knife I stabbed them in the face with.

(Hopefully) Whenever I get a customer that I need to rage about, I’ll type up a quick post to get it out of my system, and possibly provide a quick bit of comedy for everyone else at either my, or my customers, expense.  Please also note that for the sake of comedy, some situations may be slightly exaggerated since I can’t recall most calls verbatim.