I Should Start Charging You

Monday, August 9th, 2010 | IT

Seriously, maybe if I did that, people would stop calling with retarded shit that they could deal with on their own.  I realized today that this is the issue with most people when they have an IT department available to them at any time.  If the normal end-user is at home on their own PC, and shit starts going south, they have about three options; One, they can pay someone like Geek Squad to fix their PC.  Two, they can attempt to work on it themselves by using Google to figure out what the hell is wrong.  Or three, they can reboot their stupid ass computer because that fixes about 75% of most normal users issues.

So if you would normally reboot your retarded POS computer at home when crap goes weird on you, why the hell don’t you do that at work, and save yourself the time of me looking at it and then me asking you to reboot the thing?  Oh, that’s right, because my services are free to you.  I bet all the tea in China that if we had a little saying at the beginning of our call tree that said, “This call will cost $5, deducted from your paycheck directly,” that every single user would reboot their computer first to see if it’s a one-off issue like a botched TCP/IP stack, or if something is really broken that needs direct interaction from a tech.

Don’t get me wrong, I love helping people, and stupid people keep me employed, but what I don’t love is the fact that people know that a reboot is what’s going to fix their issue, but they get attitude when asked to do it.  This happens way too often, and it’s usually doctors, a doctors assistant, or a nurse that’s been told to handle the situation for a doctor.  The typical response from a doctor is, “I’m way too busy to deal with this, so instead of troubleshooting, I’d like for you to just send someone out to my location.”  I’m not dispatching a tech just to reboot a stupid computer for you because you’re too afraid, or think you’re too important, to be doing some basic troubleshooting.

What’s my fix for this issue?  Easy.  I force a remote shutdown on their computer no matter what they’re doing.  If you’re going to tell me that you’re too busy to deal with your own PC, then I’m going to do the work on my own schedule and the hell with yours.  Yeah, I’ll be nice about it, and I’ll give you a 2 min shutdown window that you better use to save whatever you’re working on at that moment.  Next time, if you want more of a window, then make some time to work on it.