The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 | IT

Just a quick rant here in an open letter to the woman in medical records I just talked to.

It doesn’t help you, or me, to overexagerrate the problem you’re having with your computer printing.  If it works fine when printing in Word, or doing a Windows test print, then tell me that.  Don’t tell me, “Oh, well it takes 10 minutes for the print to send from any application I use!”  That’s bullshit.  You know it, and I know it.  So when I remote into your computer myself and run a test print and it sends immediately, don’t act all surprised that it’s working there.

You have a legitimate issue with printing, but it’s in a specific application, so just tell me that and I can send it to the analyst for that application so they can fix you up in 5 minutes.  Your lying to me does nothing but cause more work, and then possibly make it so that I dispatch a local tech because you insist that it’s your entire .  If that happens, you could be waiting up to 24 hours for your problem to get solved.  I personally don’t care how long it takes for your problem to be fixed.  Once I send it off to a tech or an analyst, it’s not my problem anymore, so just be upfront and honest with me and we can get your shit fixed in a minimal amount of time.

It may work with your poor husband at home, the whole, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” and all you need him to do is change a damn light bulb, but I’m not your husband, so that shit doesn’t fly with me.  Stop it.  Seriously.

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