Sanity Has Returned!

Sunday, November 29th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Just a brief update for the few people that actually read my blog-

The blog is not dead.  I will still be posting, just obviously not about work as I am still (willfully) unemployed.  It’s been 2 months to the day that I left my job, and I feel like I’m actually back to my old self.  I’m no longer the dead, horrible, shell of a man that I once was!

Since leaving work, I’ve done the following: (In no particular order)

Married my girlfriend/fiancee of 10 years

Visited family back in Florida

Visited my hometown in the Florida Keys

Honeymooned in the Keys

Went parasailing

Spent a week with friends in Washington state for the Thanksgiving holiday

Learned a little bit of how to make my own greeting cards using scrapbooking techniques and stamping

Planned a new trip to California for a week to visit more family and friends

Regained my sanity

None of these could have been accomplished while I was working.  I didn’t have the time, nor the motivation, to actually follow through on any of them.  If there’s anything to be learned from all this by anyone reading; Do what you love.  Don’t take a job because it pays well, take a job because you enjoy doing it.  The money may be great, but the price you pay in the long run for you own mental well-being isn’t worth it.

3 Comments to Sanity Has Returned!

November 29, 2009

Kudos, sir!

Mumbly Juergens
November 30, 2009

Always good to hear great news :) Keep it up.

November 30, 2009

So like… Don’t join the Marine Corps lol. You won’t have a mental anything anymore. But congratulations on all that stuff there Cuban. Been a while since we talked.