Fanboy Rage

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Not me, this dude in my Business class.
Every time someone posts having a question about Word, he disses Microsoft and Office in general, and then goes on about how these non-technical people in my class should download OpenOffice.

So finally, someone posts about the .rtf format we have to submit our paper in, and he rages on.  It finally annoys me, and I had to respond.  Here’s the outcome:

Jennifer: The girl with the question
So, I am creating my paper with Word so that I can do all of the formatting required by the MLA style format. One of the things MLA requires is that you have a header with last name and page number on each page. This works just fine in Word, but when I convert the file to .rtf and open it in a simple text program, the header is gone. My other formatting survived okay, just not the header. Does anyone know how to fix this? Is it going to be a problem if we do not have a header with last name and page number?

Timmah: The stupid douchebag fanboy
Microsoft, being concerned in only making as much money as possible and not making the most functional product possible, has chosen to deliberately not support most features in formats other than their own.  You’re asking for what Microsoft is entirely unwilling to offer you.

I strongly recommend using OpenOffice.org instead:  You are much less likely to lose significant formatting using this office suite, and it can save to more Microsoft Office format versions than Microsoft Office can, and you don’t have to chunk down a month’s rent on it.  With the intangible like software, “You get what you pay for” doesn’t apply; “you can do worse, but it costs more” does.

Me: The Hero in the story

Just as an aside… Microsoft created the .rtf format themselves in ’86, and it’s been owned by them since then. So saying that Microsoft “has chosen to deliberately not support most features in formats other than their own,” is a little crazy since it’s their own format to begin with. It sounds to me like you’re not a fan of Microsoft, which that’s fine, but please, a bit of research before making claims that it’s a problem with Word, or Microsoft as a company, and telling people to download a whole new suite of software when they may have already paid good money for something that already works as it should.

Ok, tech babble aside…


Submitting it as you’ve saved it will work fine. If you open any nicely formatted document that isn’t a .txt file in a basic text editor like Notepad, you’ll lose the formatting. A word processor (Word, OpenOffice, Apple’s TextEdit, WordPerfect) on the other hand is richer in functions, and recognizes different formatting such as headers, footers, subscript, superscript, etc.


So really, it’s people like this that piss me off.  It’s not even the fanboy attitude, it’s more the lack of facts to back up his claim.  Oh, and best of all, he wants to get a Bachelors in Technology…

Rage on, Fanboy, rage on.


You’re In Trouble (Get it? Urine)

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Ok, first off, not related to my job per se, but related to coworkers at my work. The other guys specifically.

How is it that I run into the bathroom to take a whiz, and underneath the urinal there is the most absurd amout of pee I have ever seen…? Do these guys have holes on the side of their junk like an old gardening hose that’s just been used too many times? Or maybe two people just decided to lighten their day with a bit of swordfighting.

I’ve never once sprung a leak while taking a leak, yet, guys at my work can’t seem to hit the very large white porcelain urinal in front of them.